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The following are real examples of the most common treatments requested.

Frown Lines

Lip enhancement If you have a strong frown and tend to frown frequently deep lines can occur. Many clients with tell me that people ask them "is something wrong?" as they don't even realise they are frowning. Many Clients will complain that their frown gives them a stressed appearance even when they are perfectly happy and relaxed. If you use anti-wrinkle injections for this area lines that are present at rest as a result of frequent or strong frowning will remain but may soften. The lady below is not trying to frown in either picture yet the lines present have reduced significantly.


An active, deep, strong frown can be partially or completely immobilised depending on the wishes of the client.




Crows Feet:

This treatment prevents the creasing that occurs from the outer corner of the eyes when we smile. Many people feel crows feet age them prematurely and give them a tired appearance. Again lines present when at rest will remain but may soften.





Forehead (must include treatment of the Frown muscles):

Frequent raising of the eyebrows can etch deep lines in the forehead. We often rise the eyebrows when we are tired so this can age our appearance. Treatment of the Forehead alone would lead to an un-aesthetic result as it would cause the eyebrows to drop significantly and so this forehead can never be treated alone. Lines present in the skin at rest will remain but may soften with this treatment.


The dose  of the anti- wrinkle treatment used can be altered depending on the requested result e.g. no movement after treatment or some movement after treatment.

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