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1.         You have undergone a dermal filler treatment (where hyaluronic acid has been placed in  the skin), you may initially be swollen, red and bruised which will subside within the next 1 10 days, especially if the bruising is extensive.

2.         Filler can be slightly mobile for a few hours following the procedure so it is important that you keep facial movements minimal and do not rub or massage the area for the rest of the day

3.         Do not apply make up for approximately 6 hours unless it is mineral based to avoid introducing infection.

4.         Avoid exposure to UV, extreme heat i.e. sauna, steam rooms, sun beds etc. as this may increase discomfort and swelling.

5.         Also avoid extreme cold; this includes ice packs that are directly applied to the skin.  If necessary you can apply a cool compress to the area to reduce any discomfort or swelling.

6.         If you have had a local nerve infiltration injection please do not consume any hot or cold drinks until your sensation has returned to normal.  You must also be careful when eating so that you do not risk biting your lip.

7.         You should also avoid any facial massages or skin resurfacing until the area has healed fully.

8.         Wash and dry your face with gentle patting movements.

9.         It is possible that you may be able to feel or see where the product has been placed for about two weeks following treatment. As the filler gradually incorporates into the matrix of your skin, these signs will lessen. If you have had stronger, more uplifting filler, it is possible that the filler will be palpable for longer. You may massage gently to help smoothing after the first 2 days.

10.       If there is discomfort following treatment you may take Paracetomol. Avoid the use of aspirin, ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory drugs as these may increase the risk of bruising.

11.        Lip treatment generally take a little longer to settle and may feel tender and appear uneven this will gradually resolve itself within the first week and will not affect the final result.

12.        There is a chance of bruising with filler treatments, caused both through the injection and sometimes through the pressure of the product on capillaries under the skin. Bruising may be apparent at the time of treatment or may develop later and may be anything from more likely mild to moderate or occasionally heavy. This is an unfortunate side effect of filler treatments. Bruising will subside in time and the use of arnica cream can sometimes be helpful. Cool compresses for two days following treatment can help. After two days, warm compresses will encourage blood supply to remove traces of the bruise.

13.        Although your treatment result is immediate the overall result will look much better in about two weeks when any trauma has subsided and the plumping effect of the product has really started to take effect.

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